„Law Company Giorgi Abashidze“ is practicing in following fields of law:

Corporate (Business)  Law                         

Intellectual Property;

Treaty Law, Transactions;                    

Tax Law;

Family Law;

Transport and Communications;

Inheritance Law;

Administrative and Public Law;

Labor Relations;

State Procurement;

Real Estate and Building;

Bankruptcy Law;

Banks and Insurance;


Finances and Securities;

Licences and Permits.

 The package of legal services offered by „Law Company Giorgi Abashidze“ is encompassing but not  being restricted to:

  • Drafting contracts;
  • Providing oral and written legal consultations;
  • Preparing written recommendations legal conclusions;
  • Participating in business negotiations;
  • Representing and protecting Customer’s interests before private and public entities;
  • Establishing all types of commercial and noncommercial legal entities;
  • Regulating Customer’s corporate relationships (including issues of company organization, reorganization, relations between partners, employment issues, issues arisen from contractual obligations, etc.)
  • Performing legal analyses of contracts and various projects;
  • Litigating and representing Customer’s interests at all court instances;
  • Representing Customer’s interests at arbitration chambers.

Service shall be provided as at the office of the Law Company also at client’s office using different sources of communication, in Russian and English languages as well.

We offer you two packages of service:

1.      Corporate – in case of choosing this package the Agreement will be concluded between parties, for no less than the period of one year and in return for monthly payment the client will receive the above mentioned service completely.

2.      Non-corporate - in case of choosing this package the Agreement will be concluded between parties,  within the client at his own discretion is receiving (completely or partially) the service mentioned above only once or many times.

The cost of service depends on the type of correspondence, (Corporate, Non-corporate) volume of work and it is the concrete subject of the point of issue.




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