Clients of "Law Company Giorgi Abashidze" in various times were and are:

  • „Lukoil Gruzia“ Ltd;
  • JSC „Lukoil Georgia“;
  • JSC „Saknavtobi“;
  • „SPI Kapak Petrofak International Limited“ Company;
  • Pharmaceutical Company „GEA“;
  • JSC „Telavi Wine Cellar“; 
  • „Georgian Events“ Ltd;
  • Tour Operator Company „Caucasus Travel“;
  • „Georgian Hospitality Group“ Ltd; 
  • Independent Registrar, JSC „National Registry of Georgia“;
  • Internet Provider – „Caucasus-Network“ Ltd;
  • Trade Union of State, Municipal Departments of Public Service and Social Service Employees of Georgia;
  • Transportation Company „Maersk Line“ Representative in Georgia „Mersk Georgia“ Ltd;
  • Microfinancial Organization fund „Norge“;
  • Biological-Farming Association „Elkana“;
  • Oil Company (Investor) „Saknavtob-Samgori“ Ltd;
  • Car Rental International Company „HERTZ“ Representative in Georgia - „CT AUTO“ Ltd;
  • Tour Operator Company „Explor Georgia“;
  • “CARLSON WAGONLIT” Representative in Georgia, Company „CTS“; 
  • “AMERICAN EXPRESS” Representative in Georgia, Comany „VIP-BTC“;
  • Investor Company „Agroline Limited“ Ltd composed by representatives of different countries;
  • Estonian Investment Company „P.A.G.“, which is providing the arrangement of Industrial Park;
  • „Geofil Production“ - the Implementing Company of National Geographic and „BBC“ TV projects (Top Gear among them) in Caucasus and Asia;
  • „Georgian Cleaning Service“ Ltd;
  • „G.T.I“ Ltd;
  • „Imperium“ Ltd;
  • Georgian-Italian Association;
  • „Babe Line“ Ltd;
  • „Export Line“ Ltd;
  • „Georgian School – Educational Holding“ Ltd and Companies existed there: „Georgian School – Tbilisi“ Ltd, „Georgian School – Batumi“ Ltd;
  • „Lata N“ Ltd;
  • „Olimpi +“ Ltd;
  • „Global Invest One“ Ltd; 
  • “N.K.Style” Ltd;
  • Oil producing Polish Company TEDEX Production Ltd Representative in Georgia;
  • „Gasi“ Ltd;
  • Ukrainian Company „OilMetro“ Ltd;
  • „GOLDEN LEATHER“ – Company founded by Syrian Investors;
  • Crosslane Investments Limited Ltd Representative (Branch) in Georgia - Company is providing arrangement of butchery complex in Georgia;
  • “NISSAN” Representative in Georgia – “A.P.S” Ltd; 
  • “SIAFARM” Ltd;
  • „Business Administration Support Center“ Ltd;
  • „Preventive Disinfection Department“ Ltd;
  • “Vake English Daycare” Ltd - Kindergarten;
  • „ATP Group“ – Company Registered in Czech Republic;
  • „In-Si“ LLC;
  • Makriali“ LLC;
  • Pierrot Le fou +LLC;
  • Gregs servicesLLC;
  • AA Plasti” LLC;
  • Georgian European Group of Companys” LLC.


  • „Law Company Giorgi Abashidze“ has taken part in the Energy Project of Oil Transportation by main Export Pipeline of Bako-Tbilisi-Jeihan, where he was providing legal service (also was taking part in court litigations) to SPI Kapak Petrofak International Limited, which was the implementation company of pipeline construction.
  •   It was taking part in projects made by State Oil Company „Saknavtobi“ representative of Georgia with investors in oil production sphere and company’s internal organizational governance formation and management;
  •    It was providing legal service to the arrangement of NATO Summit in Georgia;
  •    It was providing legal service to the arrangement of World Health Organization Congress in Georgia;
  • It was providing legal service to the aragement of 33th World Congress of Wine and Vine. 
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